Pink Himalayan Salt Exporter Pakistan

SDM Trade International is a trusted leader in Pink Himalayan Salt exporter Pakistan. Sourcing the finest Himalayan Pink Salt from Pakistan. Committed to purity, authenticity, and quality, we meticulously curate our selection, delivering mineral-rich salt crystals globally. Our expertise in handling, processing, and packaging makes us a reliable choice, promoting Pakistan’s natural treasures worldwide. Choose us for unmatched quality in Pink Salt exports.

However, The SDM Trade International, a leader in Pakistan’s Pink Salt Himalayan exporter Pakistan sector, offers a diverse range of high-quality products sourced from the Himalayas. Our commitment to sustainability and superior quality makes us a trusted choice for customers globally, whether for culinary, therapeutic, or decorative purposes.

In addition, Proud member of the Salt Manufacturers Association of Pakistan, SDM Trade International leads in premium salt exports, ensuring quality, purity, and environmental responsibility.

Pink Himalayan Salt Exporter Pakistan


Pink Himalayan salt, rich in essential minerals, not only enhances flavor but also promotes electrolyte balance, supports respiratory health, and boosts overall well-being. So, it making it a unique and health-conscious choice for culinary and wellness purposes. Composition of 84 elements, may provide trace minerals. May reduce your risk of low sodium levels, improve muscle cramps, aid digestion, treat sore throats. May aid skin health.

Moreover, It’s a healthy substitute for common salt, rich in minerals and without health issues like high blood pressure or puffiness.

Salt usage is more than 65% in different industries. FMCG (seasoning Chemical, pharma, Oil industry, Cosmetics, Health and Spa and Deicing.

The prevention Textile, – We are proud to manufacture one of the world’s most natural, pure, healthy and beautiful product Himalayan Pink salt.

Although, Using low-lighting in the evening can help you fall asleep faster by reducing nighttime lighting.

Another Himalayan Salt product is SPA. Among the major SPA items are salt soap bars, salt healing pillows, Stone massage tools, foot scrubbers, and salt inhalers.





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