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Top rice Exporter Pakistan holds a prominent position as the world’s leading rice producer and exporter, contributing 8% to the global rice export market. This vital crop fueled Pakistan’s economy, producing 7.5 million tonnes in 2019, ranking it tenth globally in rice production.

The SDM Trade International is an A-Z leading Agro-industrial company that can adapt to the conditions of each country. SDM Trade International oversees extensive rice farming, impacting millions of lives, and aims to deliver top-quality rice worldwide and we are the top rice Exporter Pakistan.

Further, the SDM Trade International is expanding into new projects with a strong modern business partner’s ambitious vision. Although, We are one of Pakistan’s largest rice exporters. In the last 16 years, we have improved our rice exporting abilities.

Moreover, SDM Trade International excels in modern rice production, cultivation, trading, and processing, setting higher standards. Because, With our hard work, we will one day be Asia’s largest exporter of rice.

Types Of Rice in Pakistan

In Pakistan, four types of rice are produced for local use and exported by SDM Trade International and other major exporters. If we list rice exporters in Pakistan, SDM Trade International will be among the top ten.

  • Basmati Long grain Rice (aromatic),
  • IRRI variety (medium-long grain)
  • Short grain
  • Basmati

However, We are one of Punjab’s largest basmati rice exporters. We have all of the characteristics of the world’s largest rice exporting country. SDM Trade International competes with the best rice export company in Pakistan; however, no one matches our standard.

Although, We have the most competitive Pakistan rice export prices on the market. As a major basmati rice exporter from Pakistan, we ship globally to Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America. As well as, Our product is well-known throughout the Pacific region. We provide the best products on the market because they are produced and processed on the farm; therefore, our offerings stand out from the rest.

Proudly representing the pinnacle of Pakistan’s rice industry, Rice Export Association Pakistan ensures the finest quality grains reach global markets. With unwavering commitment, we drive excellence in rice exports, embodying the nation’s agricultural prowess.


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